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Ohai :)
Hey my names Johnny, i am by no means an "ordinary" person. im very complicated and have all kinds of personality flaws and tons of quirks, but im not ashamed of any of them because they make me who i am. i'm a very artistic person, i love drawing, reading, film, but especially making music. Music is my passion in life. I'm a DJ and perform at parties and nightclubs, hopefully huge arenas packed with people someday. i'm a very nice guy, and very willing to listen to anyone who needs someone to talk to. :)
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Anonymous asked: I love your music! Just out of curiosity, are you a homestuck fan?


I am indeed! And thank you very much! :)





We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

This guy knows his shit on how to kiss a girl.

fave fave fave

Taught him everything he knows

This is so sexy to me!!! I love, love, love this! And he has the greatest smile! Hmmm he is kinda sexy too…the more I look, the more I like. Hehehe! So I will just post this and be done. Lol.

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i love you im glad you exist im so happy you’re alive

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